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The Tides That Bind


Seven friends

Six life-changing decisions

 And a weekend getaway they'll never forget.



ELISE JORDAN is successful in her career but failing in her relationship. Overworked, unsatisfied and now unexpectedly pregnant by boyfriend, ROLAND EDGEWATER, she has to make a decision, but Roland is in no way ready to be a father. A rising advertising executive, Roland is used to putting himself first before anything and everyone else. But when a scandal hits too close to home, he may find himself for once coming in last.


TRISHA THOMPSON is facing a career and lifestyle change, and is racing against the clock to make a decision about both. When handsome TROY NAYLOR, an urban clothing storeowner, shows up in her life, the timing couldn't be worse. Now all Troy has to do is convince her that not only is the timing right but that he's Mr. Right.


FREDERICK ROGERS is planning to move his family across country--only they don't know about it. The job of a lifetime has come knocking and all he has to do is convince his wife to give up her dreams and follow him. He seeks counsel in his best friend, MIA MONROE, but Mia is toiling with issues of her own: single motherhood, an abusive ex and a broken heart. That is, until a new prospect comes along and tries to change her stance on love.


BRADFORD "BREAD" JONES' life is about survival. Survival from the streets, that is. Now that he's begun to find his way and formed a plan of action for his life and his daughter's, will he survive the next pitfall that awaits him that could threaten to destroy it all?


The Tides That Bind these seven friends will be tested during a weekend getaway to St. Maarten. Now each person, standing at a crossroad in his or her life, hopes the vacation will be a time for self-renewal. But a tragedy on the eve of their departure home will force them to decide what's worth holding on to and what needs to be set free.



FAQ's About TTTB

Q. Is it true?

A. "Yes" and "no." As they say on TV, "Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent..." or not so innocent.


Q. So, why is it considered fiction?

A. Because as every author knows, once you get a story idea, you keep building on it as you go along, or as they say in the Poker (and writing) world, "raising the stakes." The stakes for some for the characters were raised very high. Some of their endings were not as happy as they were in the book and some not as bad. But the core of their dilemmas were nevertheless real and life-changing.


Q. With so many, which character was your favorite to write and why?

A. Bradford (Bread) because I had to totally go outside of myself to write him. He was a challenge, and I like challenges.


Q. Which character was your least favorite to write and why?

A. Probably Elise and Trisha. I know quite a few women like them, so it wasn't much of a stretch.


Q. Was it hard to keep up with so many different characters?

A. No. I love to read and watch ensemble casts. So, writing one was fun.


Q. How did you maintain a different "voice" for each character?

A. I tried not to write for more than two of them on one day but even when I did, it really wasn't that hard. I think all writers are a little "wacky," and we always have voices and characters running around in our heads, so I just had to get them down on paper. Also, each character likes a different genre of music, like Bread and Troy like go-go, Elise likes jazz, Roland likes old school R&B, etc., so I usually listen to music from whatever genre the character prefers when I'm writing.


Q. Are you one of the characters?

A. That's for me to know and you to wonder about (smile).


Q. Where are the real-life people now?

A. Living their lives in the decisions they've made.


Q. Will we see any of these characters again?

A. They may make cameos in future books but, of course, they will truly be just fictional characters at that point. No more real life-inspired storylines. There will always be a link of past characters to new ones, even if it's a distant connection.